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From: Harmon Wetton

I‘m Mark Sterling’s business partner and he has asked me tell his story. He said, “I know you’ll tell it like it is.” I’ll admit right away -- I’m not impartial. Frankly, Mark Sterling is a genius. (His nickname on Wall Street was “Zapper”.) Heck, that’s why I left Wall Street to go into business with him! And that’s how I made $48,789 this month…
Here it is:

“Mark Sterling left Wall Street because he knew there had to be a quicker, neater, simpler way to make money without breaking his back at the NYSE. He applied his know-how to Penny Stocks, and he invented the MicroCapMomentum™ system. THE REST IS HISTORY!”

How does it work?
  • Successful Penny Stock trading means buying low and selling high before the market turns
  • You need to know when a stock is going to start gaining momentum, when the momentum is building, when it’s cooking, when it’s peaking and when it is about to lose momentum
  • The trick is to buy these stocks when the momentum starts then sell them when the momentum is almost over
  • Mark Sterling has developed a number crunching system where a bank of computers identifies the stock to buy, when to buy it and when to offload

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He Proved The Critics Wrong

Mark Sterling

There was blood on the floor at the NYSE when Mark resigned from a top brokerage. At 27 was the brown-eyed boy and his annual earnings were approaching 7 figures. Please note that they had not reached the $1M mark yet! Everyone thought he was nuts when he quit. His girlfriend walked out on him, his folks in New Jersey tried to change his mind. I’m ashamed to say I also told him he was making a BIG mistake. He just shrugged.

About six months later he emailed me, asked me to meet him to discuss a business opportunity. He described his system. It didn’t sound too exciting – until he showed me his trading account. In five short months he was investing heavily into his picks, total investment of $334,000+ acheived through his previous profitable trades. He was on a particular winning streak with all current trades profitable totalling $109,000 in profit. I was skeptical so he gave me access to his trading account so I could verify the figures.

So What Do You Want From Me Mark? I Asked…

All he said was: “Sign up for The System. When You've proved to yourself it works, we'll talk ”. The first month was a revelation. I made “ONLY” $28,000 profit! The second month I made $35,000. I quit my job (my wife nearly walked out but I just gave her access to my Etrade account …) and joined Mark in business to spread Micro CapMomentum™

I need to clarify something here...

I was making a good living in my job on Wall Street -- but the pressure and the office politics were getting to me. The extra money I made initially using Mark’s system was in my spare time from my apartment. I would have carried on doing this part-time if I didn’t agree with Mark that encouraging more people to succeed in Penny Stock trading would make it better for everyone – me included. Plus I was sick of getting into a suit everyday, battling the traffic and the in-fighting and b&*#$%t at work. It was a great day when I walked out the office door for the last time with the now familiar words ringing in my ears from colleagues: “You’re nuts, you’re going to regret this, think again.”

No thanks guys, I’ve relished enjoyed every single day since I left and I have made more money than I ever dreamed was possible. My kids are in private schools, I spend hours of quality time with them each day, we have just bought a condo in Palm Springs and a new BMW. Any questions?

Actually, I know you probably have plenty of questions so I’ll do my best to answer them….

Here are the most FAQ about Mark’s system
Not everyone can win in the Penny Stock market can they?

That’s a good question. Losers in the market will always be with us. Mark says that often, especially after he’s doubled his money on a trade! No, only traders who can read the stock market accurately make the big money. Gamblers never do.

Actually, reading the market through momentum analysis quite easy. Mark is open about it. You can do it on your own, without the benefit of using his number crunching system. All you have to do is figure out when the momentum (the rising price of a stock) is peaking.

You will know that when the daily average volume compared to the 90 day volume average levels off. Within one week the price will stabilize. It’s time to sell.

(After that the price will do one of three things: go up, go down or stay the same but because the momentum has gone the change will be minimal, hardly worth making a trade. )

Doesn’t sound too difficult...

No, it certainly isn’t rocket science -- if you are tracking one or two shares. The difficulty comes in tracking all 9000 small cap companies, continually and simultaneously, looking for the best trading opportunities. That’s what Mark’s system is designed to do. He has developed proprietary software that crunches numbers on 32 networked Dell Precision™ T7400 ultra-high-performance workstations (today's business supercomputers) to deliver the answers.

Why Penny Stocks?

The system works for each and every stock, anywhere anytime. The reason Mark concentrates solely on Penny Stocks (by the way, a penny stock is typically priced below $1) is the huge profit opportunity that come with low cap stocks. Think about it: a stock priced at 10c needs to jump just 10c for you to double your money, which means 100% profit. The chances of a NYSE stock jumping 100% in a few days are slim, to say the least.

How does momentum play a role in Penny Stock trading?

Mark Sterling has found that the greatest profit opportunities are to be found by identifying momentum in the OTCBB and Pink Sheet (aka Penny Stock) markets. He designed the Micro CapMomentum™ system to find stocks that are experiencing great buying momentum. These stocks are emerging growth companies that do not necessarily have widespread analyst coverage but some are none the less heading for very widespread analyst coverage when they are included in the NASDAQ and New York stock exchanges, eventually being included in some of the major indexes. (Most OTCBB and Pink Sheet companies have no analyst coverage thus leaving investors an opportunity for finding great potential momentum stocks.)

The Penny Stock companies are usually brand new to the markets and are extremely low priced and have no where to go but up, way up. There are tons of stories of investors gaining tremendous wealth from buying low priced penny stocks and holding on to it while the company grows into a mega company. Perfect examples of this include Microsoft in the 80s when certain investors identified the potential and others later got in early on the momentum that lasted over 20 years. Not all penny stock trades are this lucrative, or even profitable, but the potential that exists in the OTCBB and Pink Sheet markets cannot be matched.

Mark discovered that most successful penny stock investors are "momentum" investors. When penny stocks move up (or down), they make big, lasting moves, the moves are a result of momentum. Some one or some group has identified a great company and have bought massive amounts, momentum investors recognize this and buy more and then a vast amount of institutions, index investors and the general public buy even more stocks, keeping the momentum going even higher. This is how penny stock momentum investors create their wealth.

Check out today's momentum stocks:

Micro Cap Momentum™ is designed to find these OTCBB and Pink Sheet stocks that are in the early stages of this momentum or have yet to gain momentum but have the potential for a big upward price momentum.

Why would Mark Sterling want to share the system?

OK, fair question. A lot of people ask that. The answer is beautifully simple.

For the system to work best the Penny Stock market needs to MOVE. That requires hundreds of thousands of buyers and sellers all busy trading. The more activity in the Penny Stock market, the more profitable trades will be possible. That’s why Mark told me, “Harmon, you introduce the buyers and sellers to the Penny Stock market. Get them to trade successfully. The more people doing that, the more trades, the better my system works, the more money we all make.”

Who else knows about this?

Plenty of folk! Our membership base is growing daily.


For me trying to anticipate a high is counter-intuitive. Mark’s system takes that out of my hands. I just follow the tips. I’ve made $7,222 this week. It has enabled me to finance my art collection and put on an auction to double my profits. Thanks Mark and Harmon.

Richard Wright, Albany, NY

“You guys are great! Keep up the good work.”

Ashley MacDowell, Atlanta, GA

OUR RESPONSE: Thank you and we will. If you're ever in Coral Gables please stop by!


My results so far. Two weeks and $10,788 up. Thanks.

Jake Janowski, Southfield, MI

I doubled my money and made $1200 in just two days, that’s why I’m in a restaurant celebrating. Thanks guys.

Selena Magiagore, LA

Can I see a report right now?

Sure. Fill in the form below and we’ll send one along right away.

LEARN ABOUT YOU AND Micro Cap Momentum™

In Your Inbox, in 20 Seconds...

Just enter your name and email address below and I will instantly email you an example of the type of information Mark Sterling’s amazing proprietary system delivers to subscribers’ email address every week. Using the information and following Mark’s instructions, you too can make profitable trades in Penny Stocks.


We promise to carefully guard your privacy and not share this information.

If it’s this simple, why isn’t everyone doing it?

Beats me. Probably they’ve had their fingers burned, lost money, have no faith left in the stock market, don’t know how to buy stocks, or are just plain lazy. Maybe they have accepted their lot in life and don’t believe things can get better. Maybe they get scared off making money fast, easily and without getting their hands dirty.

Actually I’m the last person to ask because I have average $42,000 a month profit since I subscribed to Mark’s system. (Just because I market Micro Cap Momentum™ doesn’t mean I get any different information. I get the same stuff all members get.)

Hi Mark and Harmon. I am really angry. I went to college for five years and then battled my way through an MBA. I’m in an OK job but was always hoping for something better. Then along came I have made more real money in the past six months than I have made since leaving college. At least I was able to pay may loans. I’m trying to put the past behind me and now I’m making real bucks from penny stocks.

J. Berringer, Chicago, IL

Dear Mr Sterling. I must congratulate you on your superb service. I wait eagerly for your stock picks every week and I make sure I act on them even if they seem strange to me. The bottom line is that I am doubling my pension by following your system and staying in the game. Many thanks, from an old timer. (78!).

George McTavish, Salt Lake City, UT

Hi Mark and Harmon. I’m a single Mom. I signed up three months ago and I now invest in penny stocks full-time. It sure beats packing burgers and chips. I get to spend lots of time with my kids and also I can buy them everything they need. I can truly recommend your wonderful service to anyone looking to make money LEGALLY AND FAST with the minimum effort. Thanks to you two fabulous guys my life has changed. This month I am doubling my investment stake in penny stocks because I know I’ll make money. I am someone who failed math right through school but this system makes it possible for me to double my money on regular basis. You can tell everyone my success story if you want. Thanks again.

Lionella P., Raleigh, NC

I heard that Wall Street doesn’t like this system? True?

Yes, quite true. The big brokerages and top traders do not like any system that offers an alternative, foolproof way to make a fortune on the stock exchange. They see this as a threat to their exclusivity (absolutely right!) and it also exposes their “churning” activities – buying and selling stocks regardless of how the market is moving, just to make money from commission! With Micro Cap Momentum™ there is no commission involved, just individual traders using the best information to make huge profits. We are aware of at least 8 Wall Street traders who use Micro Cap Momentum™ for their own investment purposes. We know because Mark Sterling and I used to work alongside them on Wall Street! Hi Lev, Con, Rich, Bill, Fiona, Greg, Beate and Zeb!

If Mark Sterling has made so much money already, why does he still bother investing?

It’s not about the money any more although Mark told me that his personal target is $3 million……. I know Mark well enough to understand that the daily thrill of making the right trades is what makes his hair blow back! The money is just his way of keeping score. And he enjoys getting feedback from delighted Micro Cap Momentum™ members saying how the system changed their lives. No, there is no sign of Mark quitting the Penny Stock investment game any time soon. And why should he? He loves what he does.

Where are you guys based?

We relocated to the beautiful, historic city of Coral Gables, Florida recently to enjoy sunny weather and a superior quality of life. Here are some photos:

Concour d’Elegance Venetian Pool Library Gardens Alhambra Tower City Hall

This information must cost a fortune, right?

Nope. The information already exists. Mark wants to cover the cost of running the computers and marketing the system. Our real money comes from trading. Without lifting a finger you can get the same information Mark and I trade with sent to your email once a week for just a $47 one-time fee. But why not try Micro Cap Momentum™ first – for next to nothing

Micro CapMomentum™


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  • There's just a one time fee of $47 to subscribe to Micro Cap Momentum™
  • A great deal, wouldn't you say? When you consider how much money and Mark Sterling can put in your pocket!

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How can I be sure the system works?

Glad you asked that. Here are examples and real screenshots of Micro Cap Momentum predictions (in a tough market environment) to prove that the system definitely works!

HGLC - Fri, Sept 26, 2008 - Thur, Oct 2, 2008

HGLC price steady at $0.0025 even with almost 4x the daily volume. Micro Cap Momentum™ Network determines high potential for short term price momentum. Buy HGLC

Network prediction accurate. HGLC climbs 22% on one day on almost 5x average volume. Micro Cap Momentum™ Network then determines next day volume will stay high but not as high as selling overwhelms buyers. Sell HGLC
Micro Cap Momentum™ Network prediction accurate. HGLC volume lowers (but still above average) but price falls 10%. No Trades

PFGY - Mon, Sept 29, 2008 - Thur, Oct 2, 2008

Micro Cap Momentum™ Network picks up big momentum signals on PFGY. Network predicts increased buying from heavy volume trading continuing. Buy PFGY

Micro Cap Momentum™ Network predicts accurately. Volume stays 6x average and huge buying continues. PFGY increases 19%
Micro Cap Momentum™Network calculates low volume and predicts slow down in price gain. Sell at almost market close. After being down 3% during the day, buyers managed a 2% increase on yesterday's profits of 19%, a profit of 21%


Let me just recap on Micro Cap Momentum™

1) This is a unique system invented by Mark Sterling who is the process of taking out a patent. Only members of Micro Cap Momentum™ have access to the valuable information generated weekly.

2) Beware of imitations. This system is available ONLY from Micro Cap Momentum™ and Mark Sterling. Any other similar system for trading Penny Stocks scientifically and profitably is a fake.

3) Wall Street does not like this system! They do not like any system that takes the mystery out of stock trading and makes it possible for the small investor to make huge profits.

4) All you have to do is sign up for membership, open an online penny stock trading account -- and start trading on the golden information you will find in your inbox each and every week.

5) Harmon Wetton markets Micro Cap Momentum™ on behalf of Mark Sterling, the developer and owner of the system. He trades on his own account using the system.

6) Micro Cap Momentum™ can be had for just $47. A one time fee to receive the subscription newsletter with no additional charges! This is extraordinary value for such a valuable tool – a system that will grow your bank account exponentially.

Need a guarantee?
“Hi, Mark Sterling here. Writing is not my strong point – making a fortune trading Penny Stocks is where I really shine! This is your personal guarantee from me that if after 60 days you decide to discontinue your membership of MicroCapMomentum for any reason you can get your money back – no questions asked! Sign up NOW for your and we will do the rest. Thanks.”
Mark Sterling

This is 100% Risk Free...
join now

P.S. Remember that every moment you hesitate is a trading opportunity lost. Join Micro Cap Momentum™ now!
P.P.S. When you sign up it is 100% Risk Free! There can be no better sign that we believe 100% in this revolutionary system.
P.P.P.S. You have everything to gain by trading Penny Stocks using the incredible tips you will receive by email
P.P.P.S. Mark “ Zapper” Sterling wants you!
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